By now, it seems superfluous to talk about the Virginia election results of November 7th. In my defense, I’ve been sick and unable to put words together that accurately allow me to wrap my head around the unexpected and absolutely incredible liberal wins of last Tuesday. It’s not just about the gubernatorial race. Local elections turned bluer than we ever could have hoped for, and the diversity with which this happened is stunning. Virginia is celebrating a lot of positive, forceful firsts, including Danica Roem, who¬†became the first openly transgender candidate to win a statehouse seat anywhere in the country.

I was lucky enough to spend election night with my state delegate, John Bell, who kept his seat in the state legislature. His watch party was not densely packed – it was intimate and warm, and this enthusiastic crowd of volunteers and activists from all walks of life won him the night. It was local-driven politics at its very best. (Of course, it would have been a very different mood had the outcome been different.) This was a real referendum on President Trump. And although I am wary and skeptical about reports that may overstate the significance of these Democratic wins, I think this is a positive step forward. Is this our big game changer? As an ardent liberal: I sure hope so. As a pragmatic cynic: I’m not so sure.

That said, I am very proud to be a Virginian. Let’s keep this momentum going. This is not the time to stop, but to keep pushing and making our voices and votes heard.

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