Sometimes words fail. Sometimes you can only find one.

I couldn’t find a better word than this:


I designed and hand-wrote this collage of the only word, the only feeling, that truly encompasses the boggy mess of our government. The high of the Virginia sweep has faded and the stark reality of our political situation is as bleak as ever as we ungracefully blunder into 2018. The passing of the rushed (and hushed) tax bill, the ongoing developments in the Presidential collusion with Russia, the horrific and unsurprising and never-ending series of sexual misconduct in every sector of our cultural landscape…it’s a lot to take in. And the conservatives in Congress and the Administration seem hesitant, en masse, to take a stand on the right side of history. Where is the shame? I am trying to find the good in my political rivals, but they’re making it really hard.

We’ve got bigger problems than the tweets and the distractions. (Did I mention Jerusalem? The coup in Zimbabwe? LGBTQ atrocities in Chechnya? Wildfires in California? North Korea? Just saying.) Keep your eyes open.

I sent 20 copies of this letter out. It needs to be heard. I couldn’t quite find another way to express myself.


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