Write (Right) Now!

As an unabashed stationery addict (if the picture didn’t tip you off) and a little bit of a writing nerd, I find this yearly commemoration of the written word to be especially exciting. I regularly send letters and postcards to friends and family around the country and in my hometown, so this isn’t a particularly new event for me to celebrate, but it certainly gives me the opportunity to try to entice other people into writing their own letters.

I’ve found that picking up a special set of notecards is a good way to start if you’re feeling hesitant or unsure about political letter-writing – there’s something about sharing beauty that makes one more inclined to get the word out and speak truth to power.

Yeah, I know. I love paper. Sue me. I like to share my thoughts and communicate with loved ones in a way that feels more personal than simply sending an email. (Trust me, I love email – it’s amazing. But I think most people would agree that getting a handwritten, colored envelope in the post is a rare and pleasant occurrence in 2018.)

This idea bleeds into politics, too. The entire point of this project was to stuff the mailboxes of our senators and representatives in Congress; in an electronic age, I believe that taking the time to sit down and actually pen a letter enhances the point one is trying to make. Also, phone lines often get jammed – and talking to people is a trickier and potentially more tense situation than taking the time to write out and defend an argument or voice a concern.

Ultimately, in the end, it’s better than doing nothing. And honestly, it’s fun. Host letter-writing parties. Choose cool stamps and paper designs. Send a postcard if you’re on vacation or out on a day trip. Don’t think of it as a chore. I’ve developed a whole list of tips on how to go about doing this. As we near the November election season (it seems far away but I can guarantee it will get here faster than we think), it’s more important than ever to be proactive, and this is one way to do it.

Write now, right now.

In case you’re wondering, the sets you see in the photo were purchased from the following companies: Elum Designs / The School of Life / Papyrus / Princeton Architectural Press / Obvious State / Paper Source

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