Not Enough Words / Too Many Words

The hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh that will help decide whether he is appointed to the Supreme Court have been deeply troubling. Not just for the apparent disregard of straight white men for the words of women, but also for the the implications of future conduct towards the judicial system and females around the country. It is hard to understand the depth and immensity with which Republican Senators have abandoned dignity, ethics, and due process. I often find myself at a loss for words, until a long stream eventually gains momentum and comes out in a torrent of frustration. It is either nothing or everything, and finding the middle ground between silence and loquaciousness is just as hard as finding a middle ground in American politics.

In the end, though, I choose words.

And when they are ready to come out, they make themselves known. I wrote so much in a recent batch of letters that they had to be typed out and printed. I typically like to write in my own hand, but sometimes events call for a change in routine. I sent them en masse to dozens of Republican Congresspeople, a flurry that I hope sparks something in whoever opens the envelope.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that they know what’s coming next. None of us do. But until then, keep talking. To stay quiet is to be complicit. Even the smallest use of your voice will magnify everyone else’s. And it will turn into a roar if enough join in.


My new obsession: a book of tear-away posters that you can place or hang anywhere you go. Titled Posters for Change, this political and artistic project by the Princeton Architectural Press provides a means for quiet resistance.

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