In some ways, this feels like the best time to be engaging in resistance activities. This is such an urgent, frantic situation and we all need to do our best. But practicality necessitates a change. Field offices, the halls of Congress, and the postal service are all taking severe hits in terms of capacity and availability. This doesn’t seem like the right time for effectively communicating with a letter-writing project.

My goal was to work through the pandemic, to keep writing and protesting with the written word even though COVID-19 dominated (and dominates) our lives, but it’s a habit that is hard to sustain personally – while also being borderline ineffective. It feels like a waste of energy and resources, as the people to deliver, open, read, and respond to the letters aren’t necessary there anymore. Life as we know it has changed, and I’m scared, like so many.

I will be back. Most of us will be back. But it might be a long time…longer than we think or wish or hope. I will help my community in other ways: food and blood drives, aiding people on the local level, and maintaining awareness of disinformation campaigns are all crucial ways to resist from afar.

We have to keep trying.

My pens will be filled with ink, my paper spread across my desk, and my envelopes ready to seal the moment it becomes feasible to send correspondence en masse – and to recipients who will actually be present to receive them.

Photo: The last mass batch of letters that I mailed out shortly before my state went into lockdown.

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