My name is Lauren Magnussen and I live in Virginia, right outside of Washington, D.C.

I got the idea for this project after a few months of depression and dejection over the 2016 presidential election. It was traumatic and bewildering (it still is), but I got tired of sitting by. I had to do something. We all have to do something. Anything. Everything counts. There is no such thing as too much or too little when it comes to activism.

Currently, voicemail boxes are overloaded and full at the offices of many major U.S. Congresspeople. Phone lines have been bombarded by liberal activists calling to protest everything: gun safety legislation (or the lack of it), the ever-present threat of climate change, the attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act, and beyond. The White House has completely dismantled their comment voicemail box altogether. Emails and tweets can get lost in the shuffle. If the Administration doesn’t believe the media, then maybe they’ll believe US.

So stuff their mailboxes.

I will be writing a letter to every Republican member of the United States Congress, and will chronicle the journey here, carpal tunnel be damned. Take pen to paper, use your hands. Make the resistance physical. Make it tangible. Show our government that our actions can make an impact in a literal way. Be a marcher of words.

We cannot normalize tyranny.

Photography note / Every photo on the site is taken by me / #nofilter / All are scenes from life in D.C. and Virginia / Pictured here is The Supreme Court in Washington.