This library contains a list of books that I think positively add to the public discourse. They are chosen for their lucidity, originality, depth of material, trustworthiness, and breadth of sourcing. Some are just works of art and literature that speak to universal themes in our lives – or to our current socio-political climate. I tried not to be too skewed in the material but, as Rachel Maddow likes to quote, “Truth has a liberal bias.” The overarching theme of the texts is simply to enrich your worldview and give you the tools to confront issues that are uncomfortable and different. In short, I want to to empower you with knowledge, even if it means shaking up your system.

This is about educating yourself so you can be a stronger part of the resistance. Read. Learn. Fight back.

Remember to check your local and used bookstores, not just online retailers! Used book stores are absolutely incredible and have unbelievable deals that also allow you to support your local businesses. Don’t forget about your library, too.

Indigenous Issues

American Politics and History

Latin American Politics and History

Queer/Sexuality Studies

Women, Feminist, and Racial Studies

Middle Eastern, African, and Asian Politics and History


Literature and Literary Criticism

Russian Politics and History

Western/Eastern European Politics and History (Or, Miscellaneous)

Photo: The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.